Property safety services for landlords and agents in Edinburgh

Landlords have responsibilities under UK wide legislation for gas safety and health and safety at work (including the duty to carry out risk assessments for Legionella).

In addition to the health and safety legislation, The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 and statutory guidance published by the Scottish Government, place a legal obligation on landlords to ensure that rented properties meet certain safety and physical standards.

Further information concerning this legal obligation in Scotland, can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Centurion Alba provide a range of consultancy and support services for landlords and letting agents responsible for the letting of commercial and domestic properties.

Our property safety services

smoke detector of fire alarm in action

Scottish Government have enacted a statutory provision for detecting and warning of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide in private rented properties.

We can provide you with advice and support towards compliance with fire safety legislation and keeping your tenants safe.

Contractor working safely

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 and Gas Safety legislation, requires that landlords ensure that all gas appliances in rented properties are tested by a registered gas engineer at least every 12 months.

We can provide this service through our approved contractor.

PAT testing edinburgh, image of plug with sticker

Electrical safety inspections must be carried out in rented properties at least ever 5 years. Proof of this inspection needs to be provided to tenants.

We can provide landlords and letting agents with electrical safety advice and support with the provision of ‘fixed wire’ testing and portable appliance (PAT) testing programmes.

Landlord Health and Safety Centurion Alba

Landlords have a legal duty to carry out a risk assessment of legionella bacteria. Where significant risks are found, landlords must take steps to reduce this risk.

Centurion Alba provide a legionella risk assessment service and can provide you with guidance towards complying with the HSE legionella approved code of practice – L8.

House Window With Damp And Condensation - repairing standard scotland

The Repairing Standard, contained in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, places legal obligations on landlords to ensure that rented properties meet certain physical standards.

Centurion Alba can provide you with advice on and support towards, meeting these standards.

Male Student Working In Bedroom Of Campus Accommodation - student accommodation Edinburgh

House’s in Multiple Occupation (HMO) fall under stringent fire and safety regulation enforced by local authorities.

Licensing of HMO’s require that landlords demonstrate compliance to the local authority.

Centurion Alba provide an inspection and advisory service for HMO landlords.

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