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Risk Management isn’t just about risks to health and safety. There are many aspects of risk that can adversely affect a business, one of the more significant aspects today is information security.  

2015 survey of small and medium businesses in the UK found that 74% of those surveyed reported an IT security breach of some description. Only 29% of those businesses surveyed had an information security policy in place, whilst 66% didn’t consider their business to be vulnerable.

With the the worst security breaches costing businesses between £75,000 and £310,000 their is a clear need to mitigate this risk.

Centurion Alba Consulting Ltd provide a range IT Security and IT Consultancy services for small businesses and other small organisations such as clubs and charities.

Our IT and Cyber Security services

IT Infrastructure and business data is increasingly moving on to the cloud, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and bringing about a range of other benefits.

We can help specify and set up your cloud computing requirements on services such Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite.

A businesses data is absolutely critical to its continued operation. Data protection laws also require that businesses take a number of steps to protect personal data such as customers information.

If your business needs guidance towards a suitable and robust data backup strategy, we can review your requirements and help you identify and implement the most appropriate solution.

One of the first steps in protecting your organisations valuable and sensitive data, is limiting access to your system. Only those that have an absolute requirement to access the data should have the ability to do so.

We can help you establish robust and proportionate access control measures to protect your systems and the data on them.

Equipment containing personal data could be stolen or damaged should an intruder break-in to business premises. You should ensure that personal and commercially sensitive data on your systems is protected against these threats.

We can help you specify and establish physical measures to protect your systems.

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Many IT security breach are the result of human error such the loss of hardware or by inadvertently divulging passwords.

Training for the end-users of your IT systems will help to mitigate these risks.  Centurion Alba can provide this training to your staff.

As an ancillary service, Centurion Alba is able to offer our clients basic web hosting and business email services.

Our hosting service offers a full range of premium features and is ideal of the start-up, small or medium enterprise.